France possesses an exceptional cultural heritage accumulated over a period of two thousand years. At culture au Coeur, we want to share our knowledge of these French treasures, not only in Paris but also in the provinces, where each region has its own individual cultural identity.

In these vastly differing regions of France – from the Loire Valley to Provence and the Côte d’Azur, from the Champagne region to Brittany, from the Dordogne to Alsace, and from Normandy to the Midi-Pyrénées region – all strive to conserve their architectural heritage and to enrich their museums.

Our passion for beautiful gardens and historic stately homes has led us to forge excellent relationships with their proprietors and allowed us to create exclusive itineraries throughout France...

The creation and upkeep of an outstanding garden gathers together Art in all its various forms and we consider that gardens of historical and botanical interest, as well as those created by contemporary landscape designers, give us a deep insight into the artistic development of man.


Gardens of the Dordogne
Gardens of the Loire Valley
PARIS capital of the Arts
Western France
Toulouse; the rose city
Lot and Dordogne
Gardens in the Heart of France
The Gardens of Brittany
Gardens of NOrmandy
The Rose Gardens of France

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En Bourgogne, les Hospices de Beaune  -  Les grottes de Lascaux  -  Nîmes et la Maison Carrée  -  Notre Dame de Reims
Le château de Chenonceaux  -  Les meules, de Claude Monet
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